Birthday Make-Believe in Museo Pambata

To celebrate Stephen’s Birthday, we went to Museo Bambata (Children’s Museum) in  Manila where our boys were able to experience the simple lives in Old Manila through the replicas and exhibits found in the museum.

The boys were able to explore the replica of the Quiapo Church which was one of the symbols of the old Manila.

Stephen, Ethan, and Basti were also able to ride on the old Manila train and saw the different gadgets, household equipment, and clothing used by Filipinos during the early days such old the old typewriter, coal stove, coal heated iron, baro at saya and sombrero (hats).

They also have a glimpse of how to live under the Philippine Sea and learned about the mangrove under the ocean.

They also learned the different plants used by the “albularyo” or medicine man during the old times to facilitate natural healing.

They identified the different vegetables that were planted by the early Filipinos in their backyard.

They also learned the musical instruments played by our ancestors like the “kumintang”.

They had fun pretending to be food and went inside the big mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, big intestine, and rectum.

They played make-believe and pretended to be firemen, market vendors, canteen owners, rice dealers, sari-sari store owners, barber men, etc.

Finally, they played in the replica of the ship used for the Galleon Trade that traveled to the different parts of the world to trade goods and spices.


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