Bonding with Little Stephen and the Big Boys in Kidzoona Eastwood

Last Nov. 12, 2017, I (Mommy Dimple) spent my birthday with the Reyes Boys. Since I’m pregnant, we went to an indoor playground called Kidzoona located inside Eastwood Mall.

Kidzoona is perfect for kids of all ages. They have set up for bigger boys like the Cyber Wheel and Air Track corners which Basti, Ethan, and their cousin, Jaden enjoyed a lot.

They also have a Toy Corner which featured toys for toddlers and bigger boys as well (Ex. Big Lego blocks).

But Stephen, my 3-year-old, enjoyed playing at the Role Play Town where he experienced being a burger man, market vendor, florist, chef, baker, ice cream man, sushi maker, etc.


The bigger boys also enjoyed playing cops and criminals in the police station corner.

And all them enjoyed sliding and diving at the Ball Pool corner with more that 100,000 thousand pieces of mini playground balls.


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