Celebrating Father’s Day with our Daddies

Last June 19, 2017, we celebrated Father’s Day the whole with our favorite Daddies.

We started the day by attending mass before lunch with where Daddy Paolo was blessed by the priest together with the other Daddies.

Then, we ate lunch in Wafu Chinese Restaurant with Tito Tony (Mommy Dimple’s Step Da) where most of our orders were either chicken, shrimp, or pork seasoned with salted egg or with mayonnaise.

Then, we ate ice cream with the Reyes boys’ favorite ice cream shop. We tried many flavors ice cream such as chocolate chip, midnight cookies, and cream, cookies and cream, langka, cheese, marshmallow bubble gum, salted caramel, strawberry, orange, and avocado.

Mamita (Mom of Mommy Dimple) even tried the mango and guyabano sherbet.

Then, we are dinner with Papa Claro (Dad Paolo’s Dad) where we ate 100% hamburgers with a lot of cheese and Parmesan Chicken cooked by Tito Geloy.

Indeed we had a jammed packed Father’s Day Foodie Day last that weekend



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