Chili Chocolate and other Weird Flavors

Last April 9, we discovered a stall that sells different flavored chocolates In one of the malls in Manila.

We think weird flavored chocolates will be a perfect bonding experience in our Food Trip To Go segment.

Check out the reaction of the boys when they tried the different flavors of chocolates in our family Best Moments your tube channel!

There, you will see how the Reyes boys tasted Chocolate Ube, Chocolate Sea Salt, and Chocolate Caramel which all tasted good.

However, who would ever dare to taste the Chocolate Chili??? (Which we really did not like at all!!!

Most of the boys (including me) did not like the taste of the Chocolate Peppermint, and Chocolate Matcha  — except Ethan (who we learned has a weird taste)



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