Ethan’s Birthday Fun Day in Kidzoona

On his birthday 5th Birthday, Ethan and his brother had a fun day at Kidzoona.

They experienced how to be a hamster and walk and roll around on a big rolling wheel.

Stephen enjoyed playing at the giant building blocks.

They climbed up, glided on the slide, balanced on the play bridge, jumped on the pit of plastic balls, and balanced on the hanging rope bridge of Kidzoona (Stephen fell on the hanging rope bridge though hehehe).

Of course, they enjoyed the role play town where they pretended to be ice cream vendors, burger stand sellers, sushi makers. Of course, Basti, Ethan, and Stephen also pretended to eat the burgers, sushi, and ice cream.

The boys also enjoyed the different toys set up in Kidzoona such as the wooden railway train, colored wooden balls.

Finally, they ran, jumped, and rolled on the soft air bed-looking race track designed for kids to enjoy.

They had so much fun that they did not want to go home. The play area was closing and they still kept on running and playing.. still full of energy after 3 hours of play.


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