Ethan’s Nursery Moving Up Ceremony

Last Mar. 15, 2017, our family all attended Ethan’s Moving Up Ceremony from Nursery to Kindergarten.

Finally! After 3 years of Nursery (he also finished Pre-Nursery and Nursery in another school, but he was asked to go back to Nursery this big school because they said his age is still for Nursery based on their entry levels), Ethan is now going to Kindergarten.

We enjoyed watching Ethan marched to the happily waving to us and performing the song and dance numbers he practices with his classmates for two weeks.

We were so proud as Ethan accepts his “Helping Hands Awards as well.

Ethan and his classmates were behaving the entire 3 hours.

I also enjoyed bonding with Kuya Basti and Stephen while waiting for the performances of Ethan.

The Nursery boys also gave their moms (which includes me) a rose to express their gratitude.

Indeed, Ethan’s Nursery Recognition Day is a proud and bonding moment for the whole family.


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