Filipino Delicacies: Pinapple Pie, Otap, and Polvoron etc.

Last Food Trip To Go night  I (Mommy Dimple) bonded with the boys and tasted the different Filipino delicacies we bought in the supermarket.

The boys  enjoyed the sweet and sour flavor of Pineapple Pie from Mindanao, the sweet taste and crispy texture of Otap from Cebu, the different nutty flavors of Turones from Visayas, the milky and creamy sweetness pastillas (with coffee, langka, ube, leche flan and corn flavor) and the powdery texture of Polvoron both from Luzon.

Among the Filipino delicacies we try, Ethan’s likes the Pineapple Pie, Basti likes the Polvoron and my favorite is  the Otap.


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