Haircut Ritual of the 4 Boys

Every 3 months, my so called 4 boys have their haircut in their favorite Barbershop.

I (Mommy Dimple) and the 4 Boys (Basti, Ethan’s, Stephen and Daddy Paolo) usually go to the Barbershop earlier than usual, eat in the taco shop stall outside shop while waiting for our turn, go to the amusement park in the mall after the haircut.

Check out Stephen (our 3 year boy) as he giggle while having his hair cut.

Ethan is as behave as ever; Basti is beginning to mind his hairstyle while Daddy Paolo is still conscious in the camera.

Watching my 4 boys (including Daddy Paolo) occupy the 4 seats in the Barbershop is such a fun sight!


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