Mongolian Overload etc. @ Balagtas Clan’s Triple Birthday Bash

Last March 4, 2017 we celebrated the birthdays of Ethan, Mamita, and Tito Tony via eat-all-you-can Mongolian DIY bowls at Sweet Inspiration, Gilmore. We were busy eating and doing our own bowls so we were not able to video the food though… hehehe

The food is okay. The staff-and-customer ratio of the restaurant was not optimal that night though because it took time before they can cook our bowls.

While the adults kept on coming back at the buffet table, the kids did their lemonade experiment (which is actually ice tea water hehe)

To end our dinner, we also ordered a delicious cake (Tiramisu) and some flavored coffee for dessert. Of course, we sang the birthday song to the birthday celebrants though it is a while before we can start eating the cake because they kept on blowing the candle.

Before going home, we (the adults)  chatted with each other while the kids played amongst themselves (when we realized that Stephen, our 3-year-old boy, is afraid of baby Akita, a one-year-old girl. He runs away from everything Akita goes to him ( so cute!!!)

Their food is tasty and delicious as expected from Mongolian Bowls. Their cakes and pastries taste good as well.

The store has a modern feel. The waiters are very accommodating and the restaurant has a big parking space (though very narrow)


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