Twins Gender Reveal
Pop The Balloons to Reveal the Twins’ Gender

For our twins’ gender reveal celebration, we invited friends and family and prepared some food activities.

We also asked Basti, Ethan, and Stephen to pop balloons to help us reveal the twins’ gender with a bang.

The gender of the twins is written in orange paper inside one of the balloons.

Basti was the one who was able to locate the orange paper which enables the Reyes family and friends to know that we are having a baby girl and a baby boy!

Their tentative names are Chloe and Sky.

Prior to the gender reveal, we asked the guests what do they think the twins will be?

Some answered boy and boy; other girl and girl; many were able to guest that they are a girl and a boy!

The family members who had a wrong guess experienced the amazing pie face consequence.

Check out the excitement when they learn twins’ gender and learned who got the pie face consequence in our youtube channel.


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