Science Discovery Day of the 3 The Boys

Last Feb. 4, 2017, Basti, Ethan and discover the wonders of Science in Marikina’s Science Centrum.

Their fingers were tickled by electric current, their hair was raised up by electromagnetism, their bodies were pulled downed by gravity, etc.

I tried explaining to them the concepts behind the science exhibits but sometimes they were too excited to experience and explore the set-ups. They took time to listen every now and then though.

They had fun with the floating ball, colored shadow, mirror illusions, and earthquake experience.

They also liked the space corner where they saw a replica of the solar system and an astronaut suit (where they can put a photo of their faces — one at a time).

Since the kids are not allowed to ride the NASA space training device that will enable the astronauts to be accustomed to the spaceship environment (without getting dizzy); I had a chance to try it out (Stephen cried though because he thought I’ll get hurt — how sweet 🙂


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