We are Pregnant with Twins!

After a doctor’s confirmation that we are indeed pregnant, our OB asked us to undergo several tests and we are REALLY REALLY surprise to learn that we are pregnant with TWINS!!!

We don’t have any twins both on my (Mommy Dimple)  and Daddy Paolo’s side so this is really such a blessing!!!

When we researched and asked around, we learned that twin pregnancy usually has a higher probability when the mother of already more than 35 years old.

Check out the surprised look of the people when they found out that we are pregnant with twins.

We really hope that we will have at least one baby girl this time.

So far, we thought of naming the baby

Chloe Tiffany when it is a girl and Claude Timothy when it is a boy.

After several months, we will think of other names as soon we learned the genders of the twins.


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