Wet Head Challenge: Rainbow Drinks Edition

Last Family Game Day, we challenged the boys to play Wet Head with us.

To encourage them to play and welcome being wet we change the rule of the game — the winner of the game is the person who got wet the most!

The person who got wet also get to drink a glass of the juice same with what inside the helmet.

We play the game in seven rounds representing the colors of the rainbow.

Check the boys’ reaction on every pull of the knob as well. Stephen was particularly cute because he doesn’t to get well.

However, Basti and Ethan want to get wet; hence, they were declared the winners of the game.

Below are the list of winner per round.

  • Red – Mommy Dimple
  • Orange – Ethan
  • Yellow – Daddy Paolo
  • Violet – Basti
  • Blue- Ethan
  • Indigo – Basti
  • Green-  Stephen

After the announcement of winners and drinking of the juices. The boys jumped into the inflatable pool and play with the water.

Indeed, the game time, makes our little boys all wet and ready to take a bath.


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