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Crazy Loony Bin Game

The Looney Bin Game is such a fun game. We tried playing with it during our family game time and we had a lot of fun and excitement.

Everyone tried to shoot our colored paper on the silly trash bin that trash roll in different directions.  It was a fast mode and a slow mode; however, regardless of the speed on the looney bin, we still screamed, shouted, flickered, and laughed as we tried to shoot our crumble papers in the trash bin.

The game is exciting and fun especially when we can’t seem to shoot our papers even we are super close to the looney bin.

Indeed The Looney Bin game makes us looney lol.

Check out who are the winners of this game and watch the consequence that the losers had to ensure.

We can’t wait to play this game with the Twins (Chloe and Sky).


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