Family Best Moments

Family Best Moments

Hi everyone! Welcome to our family website where we, Mommy Dimple, Daddy Paolo and BEST— Basti, Ethan, Stephen, and the Twins (Chloe and Sky) share our photos, tips and snippets on the different moments we experienced as a family, a couple or as a person. We hope you got ideas and insight from these as…

Events and Everything Nice

The Twin’s 1st Photoshoot

Last Nov. 14, 2018, the Twins (Chloe and Sky) did their first ever photoshoot. Since we are going to use some of their best shots in there Mouseketeer 1st Birthday Party, we tried to infuse Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mickey in their shots: we made Chloe wore polka dots dress Sky wore a Mickey Mouse

Sky and Chloe
Bonding MomentsGame Time

Crazy Loony Bin Game

The Looney Bin Game is such a fun game. We tried playing with it during our family game time and we had a lot of fun and excitement. Everyone tried to shoot our colored paper on the silly trash bin that trash roll in different directions.  It was a fast mode and a...

Crazy Loony Game | Family Best Moments
Events and Everything Nice

Twins’ Baby Shower Gift Opening

One day after the Twins’ Baby Shower, Kuya Basti and Kuya Ethan helped Mommy Dimple opened the gifts for the twins. Since Chloe and Sky are registered in SM Gift Registry, Mommy Dimple like most of the baby shower gifts; from practical and useful things (like...

Twins Baby Shower Gift Opening
Events and Everything Nice

The Twins’ Rustic Baby Shower

Last November 25, 2017, we had a Rustic inspired Baby Shower For Chloe and Sky in Two Central Condonium Function Room. Mama Tessa and Godparent Joey made a DIY Backdrop for Sky and Chloe using wood pallets, varnish, pink and blue paint, colored Christmas Lights and...