The Twins’ Baptismal Ceremony
Twins Baptism | Family Best Moments

Last March 4, 2018, Chloe and Sky were finally baptized in Christ The King Parish Church where Basti, Ethan and Stephen were also baptized. 

Twins Baptism | Family Best Moments

Just like the 3 older boys prepared the twins’ white Baptismal clothes and hired someone to decorate the Baptismal candles which also served as souvenirs to the Godparents.

However, the Twins’ Baptism is extra special because everything is double. Daddy Paolo became more involved because unlike before where I was the only one who was carrying the baby to be baptized, he was carrying one of the Twins last March 4.

We were able to actively participate in baptism because we were carrying the Twins throughout the ceremony — from the Gospel reading to the lighting of candles, anointing of oil, and pouring of the Holy Water.

Special thanks to Chloe’s and Sky’s Godparents for attending the Baptismal ceremony even If It was on a Sunday

Thank you very much to our family members as well.


Finally, I would like to thank our San Juan Photography for taking this nice family shot

outside the church (we were not able to do this in previous baptismal ceremony of the 3 older boys). Thank you very much!

Family after Twins Baptism


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