The Twins’ Rustic Baby Shower

Last November 25, 2017, we had a Rustic inspired Baby Shower For Chloe and Sky in Two Central Condonium Function Room.

Mama Tessa and Godparent Joey made a DIY Backdrop for Sky and Chloe using wood pallets, varnish, pink and blue paint, colored Christmas Lights and Japanese paper flowers.

Mama Tessa also brought some plants from her garden and a chair to align with the Rustic atmosphere.

To complete the look of the backdrop, they also set up a cork board (decorated with doillies and Japanese paper flowers) and a big Teddy bear.

They also made another wooden backdrop for the dessert station.

To align with the Rustic theme, each table is decorated with a cactus plant centerpiece.

The buffet station is also set up to align with the pink and blue theme.

I asked my pretty officemates, Val and Candice, to host the event.  They wore matching dresses and rodeo hats to align with the Rustic theme as well (thanks girls).

And of course we asked the guests to play games like…

  1. Pin the Babies in the Tummy: where each Group is asked to choose a representative who is to walk blindfolded and to pin the babies on my (Mommy Dimple’s) tummy. The group representative who pinned the babies nearest to my tummy Wins the game.
  2. Pregnant Diaper Relay: where the Boys are asked to put diaper on the Baby while they are wearing a baseball Baby bump (to add to the challenge). The first Group to finish the Relay wins the game.
  3. The Price is Right: where each Group is to guess the price of the Baby item in the picture; the Group with the nearest price gets the point. The Group with the most Number of points wins the game.
  4. Guess the size of My Baby Bump: where each Player Will guess the size of the pregnant mommy’s tummy using a string. The Player with the nearest guess wins.


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